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AWEX EMI 1160 -10
Micron 17 1714 -14
Micron 18 1557 -6
Micron 19 1427 -19
Micron 20 1359 -19
Micron 21 1322 -30
Micron 22 1286 -
Micron 23 1268 +15
Micron 24 1072n +140
Micron 25 738n +7
Micron 26 585 +17
Micron 28 395 +5
Micron 30 345 -
Micron 32 297 -5
MCar 729 -12
Feed on Offer

Welcome to the Feed On Offer (FOO) Library

The FOO library allows users to estimate FOO and nutritive value of grazed pastures. Animal performance is determined by the quality and quantity of pasture available and when known, better decisions can be made on allocation of stock to paddocks or supplementary feeding. The records were collected by experienced agronomists across VIC, NSW, QLD, WA and SA, from typical pastures in each region in summer, autumn, winter and spring with a range of FOO values at each harvest.

The area where the samples were collected is provided. While it is not possible to have records for every pasture in every location, it should be possible to find pastures that are similar to those that you have on your farm. For more information about the FOO Library and the Lifetime Ewe Management project, contact the Rural Industries Skills Training at Hamilton ph 03 5573 0956 or visit the Lifetime Wool website.

How to use the FOO Library

Start with a wide search and narrow down once you get a feel for the data.  If in doubt about which options to select, leave as the default “All” and then refine the search if too many records are shown. Details about each of the Filter fields can be seen by clicking on the (i) next to each title.

Season: Select the seasons of interest eg: Summer.
Growth stage: Maturity of the pasture, from Germinating to Dry Feed.
Total FOO (kg/ha): Combined total of Green and Dead FOO is used to select the records of interest.
Climate zone: Select pastures in relevant zones, see map under (i).
State: Select pastures in a particular state.
Major species: Select a particular species i.e. lucerne, chicory where data might not be available for your region. Set other filters to “All”, enter the species and all records for that species will be shown.

Not all species and pasture types are available for every states and climatic region. Therefore, consider using FOO data from other states with similar climatic regions if data is not available for your area.

Search the FOO Library

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